FoxSec WEB interface

FoxSec Web is a new innovative software program for managing FoxSec access control and intruder alarm system. The software was developed based on a long experience of Hardmeier team and their clients feedback.

FoxSec web is a WEB solution based on MS SQL, which provides a convenient environment for the administration of access control and management systems. It allows to set up various door and user administration rights. The WEB interface facilitates multiple control combination of multiple control points around the world).

  • No need to install the software to the client`s computer.
  • FoxSec web allows to manage different systems from any computer, even if they are located in different parts of town or even in different countries.
  • FoxSec Web allows to give different rights to administrators. For example company manager can watch and change rights only for his company within his authority which was given to him by the major administrator.
  • It is allowed to give several different groups to one user.
  • One user can have up to 10 proximity cards.
  • FoxSec Web allows to request users location within a company or a building. For example how many users are in the building and who they are, who is on a 3-rd door and etc.

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