FoxSec Net+

FoxSec NET+ is an integrated security system which comprises a single high-reliability system of security and access control. The system can manage online 20 central security control panels and an unlimited number of doors.

  • Number of security zones = Number of protected areas
  • Size of memory in the access control system controllers varies from 1850 to 7680 users
  • FoxSec Monitoring software offers a user-friendly graphical interface
  • Desktop software version can be easily changed to the Web interface
  • FS9000 security control panels feature built-in ETHERNET with a possibility to connect to security company using the Contact ID over IP protocol (optionally, a landline Contact ID modem can be added)
  • Integration with CCTV
  • Integration with accounting software
  • Integration with BMS via BACnet protocol
  • Integration with other systems via the ETHERNET UDP port
  • Total compatibility with the FoxSec Lite+ system using the common configuration and database

FoxSec Net+ components


  • FoxSec Net+/W time attendance module
  • FoxSec Net+/A access software
  • FoxSec Net+/M monitoring software

Main Panel

  • FS9000

Door controllers

  • FS8302PX24
  • FS8311PX24
  • FS8301PX24
  • FS8302PX12
  • FS8311PX12
  • FS8301PX12
  • FS8300 series door controllers
  • FS7302PX
  • FS7311PX
  • FS7301PX

Elevator controllers

  • FS6380IO/16PX
  • FS6380IO/8PX
  • FS6300IO/16PX
  • FS6300IO/8PX
  • Elevator controller features

Expansion modules

  • Expansion module FS9116/8
  • Expansion module FS9116/2
  • Expansion module FS9116/0
  • Expansion module FS9108/8
  • Expansion module FS9108/2

Output modules

  • Output expander module FS9100/8.8
  • Output module FS9100/8


  • LCD keypad FS9500LCD
  • LCD keypad FS9501LCD

Communication modules

  • Communication module ADP4
  • Expansion module FS9131
  • Communication module ADP2

Additional devices

  • Credit controller
  • Tabel reader L1000
  • RF module FS9150
  • Contact ID communicator FS9140
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