FoxSec Lite+

FoxSec Lite+ is integrated access and intruder alarm system that can be characterized by reliability and flexibility.

Upon developing access and intruder alarm system FoxSec Lite+ the needs of small and medium sized businesses have been taken into account but it is possible to expand it to a bigger system.

FoxSec Lite + can be characterized by reliability and flexibility. It is possible to integrate it with different products like Assa Abloy Aperio or Bacnet IP/protocol.

FoxSec Lite+ is an integrated intruder alarm system with big functionality that gives the client opportunity to manage his building’s access and intruder alarm system from anywhere in the world.

System enables easily to manage building automation system with Bacnet IP/protocol (heating system, ventilation system, lights etc.)

The main panel has developed in the way that you don’t have to add any expansion modules straight away because it has built-in ethernet, 2 door controller, 16 security sensor inputs and 8 programmable relay outputs.

It is possible to manages whole system from one program and it is possible to translate it into many different languages (at the moment we have it in English, Russian and Estonian).

FoxSec Lite+ components


  • FoxSec Lite+/PDA software
  • FoxSec Lite+/M monitoring software

Main panel

  • Main panel

Door modules

  • Door module FS1001


  • LCD keypad FS9510LCD
  • LCD keypad FS9511LCD

Expansion modules

  • Expansion module FS9116/8
  • Expansion module FS9116/2
  • Expansion module FS9116/0
  • Expansion module FS9108/8
  • Expansion module FS9108/2

Output modules

  • Output expander module FS9100/8.8
  • Output module FS9100/8

Additional modules

  • RF module FS9150
  • Contact ID communicator FS9140

Assa Abloy Aperio

  • Assa Abloy Aperio
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