FoxSec 1850

Upon developing the access control system FoxSec® 1850, the needs of small and medium size businesses have been taken as the basis in order to monitor the movement of the people on the territory on their possession.

FoxSec® 1850 access control system enables a client to get an overview – who, where and when is moving.

With the help of FoxSec® 1850 access control system it is possible to manage the movements of people in business premises and territory, register the arriving to and leaving from work etc.

FoxSec® 1850 creates its own database on all movements. It can create detailed statistics about the card users and generate different reports on the basis of received data.

FoxSec® 1850 access control system can have up to 1850 users and 50 access points and / or elevators. The system will meet your needs from a single door system and up to 4 global locations.

While offering traditional card based access control FoxSec® 1850 also offers solution for high risk security situations where dual credential verification is required. FoxSec® 1850 supports PIN keypads, bio-metric readers, dual user access, anti-passback, sluice and even photo ID verification to allow security personnel to visually check identities.

FoxSec 1850 enables:

  • To generate different reports on the basis of received data
  • To create detailed statistics about the cad users
  • Up to 1850 users
  • Up to 50 different access points
  • To controls simultaneously 4 different data transferring lines
  • To configure access points according to clients needs
  • To add new access points when using the system
  • To integrate with security systems, lift and gate automation and etc

FoxSec 1850 components

FoxSec 1850 Demo

  • FoxSec 1850 manual
  • FoxSec 1850H hotel module
  • FoxSec 1850 software

Door controllers

  • FS7000 series door controllers
  • Additional information
  • FS7002PX (MK)
  • FS7011PX (MK)
  • FS7001PX (MK)

Elevator controllers

  • FS6000IO/16PX (MK)
  • Additional information
  • FS6000IO/8PX (MK)

Communication modules

  • Communication module ADP2
  • Communication module ADP3A
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