EAS Supports

As a result of the project, new certified FoxSec  system hardware will be developed. During the development, a new central unit and a touch screen will be developed, which technical capability will make it possible to connect a whole quarter of buildings.

During the project  all FoxSec software will be transferred to the Web platform. FoxSec Web software is being developed to be even more comprehensive and capable, so that even larger buildings and / or building complexes can be integrated into a single system if necessary.

In addition, a new service will be developed that includes:

  • in a simpler case, renting a working time recorder and touch screen to the customer with software and cloud service.
  • in more complex cases, the rental of the entire company’s security and access system will be added together with software and cloud services.

Advantages of the cloud service for the customer:

  • no need to install specific software on computers.
  • no need to worry about copies of your server and databases.
  • access to the system from anywhere on the FoxSec Web.

European Regional Development Fund
The amount of support is € 380,805.00

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